Terra Tokyo Italian

昨日の夕食は、Terra Tokyo Italian に行きました。

We went to “Terra Tokyo Italian” for dinner yesterday.


They always serve us a tiny spoonful of soup as amuse, yesterday’s soup was cold turnip (Japanese turnip) soup.





The first dish for my husband was Carpaccio of Tuna and another kind of fish.  My husband seemed to be enjoying it very much.




For me, 2 kinds of cured pork, one was, I think, Guanciale, not that I cannot remember what the other one was because it wasn’t something I knew of.  They were served with cucumber and tomato salad.




From the 2nd dish, we each had the same – very fat white asparagus from Hokkaido, served with poached egg, truffle and Balsamic vinegar.  Very nice!



The 3rd dish was pasta with fava beans and bamboo shoots, which we both enjoyed very much.



Then we were served Japanese beef cheek stew – but I was already full after the pasta.  It was seasoned very lightly but was a little oily as the beef was Japanese.  I had to ask my husband to eat most of the beef and I just had the vegetables and a small piece of beef.




We thought the above stew was the main dish but we were then served Tochigi beef steak with fava beans as the main.  I really could not eat!  I did have just one small mouthful, which was delicious, but asked my husband to eat the rest of the beef.  I guess this is the reason why I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of this one.


This was the dessert.  The staff said “This is a lemon from blur blur in Japan.  Please peel it yourself, squeeze it over.”  We weren’t wearing our glasses so we weren’t sure, but I thought ” Doesn’t sound right, peel a lemon without knife??”  Sure enough it was a joke.  The shell was made of white chocolate and it was filled with cream, Italian meringue, lemon peel etc.






With a bottle of sparkling water and a bottle of red wine, it was S$580.



Terra Tokyo Italian
54 Tras Street
Singapore 078993

Tel: 6221 5159

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