Hanami In Shukugawa / The Last Hanami With My Husband On This Trip


Yesterday and today the weather has been great and warm, so we thought cherry blossoms may be at their best in Shukugawa today and they were close to the best. As it’s expected to rain tomorrow, today is the last weekend for hanami, so there were so many people walking along the river to see the cherry blossoms and also sitting under the trees enjoying themselves. I know I have already uploaded so many photos of cherry blossoms and they all look the same but I just cannot help uploading more!


My husband is leaving for Fukuoka tomorrow afternoon so this was the last Hanami for us on this trip. We did Hanami in Fukuoka, we also walked along the Ikuta river in Kobe so I feel we saw a lot of cherry blossoms this time.

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