My New Camera!

My new camera!

ついに、ミラーレスの一眼カメラ(フルサイズ)に変えました。が、色々勝手が違うのと写真編集が面倒で、今回の一時帰国の写真は全てiPhone の写真です。色々撮ってはいるので、シンガポールに戻ったらゆっくり編集してアップしようと思っています。

I finally changed my camera to this mirrorless full-frame camera. I need to get used to the settings and I haven’t had time to edit any photos that I took with the new camera so all the photos I’ve been uploading are taken on my iPhone. I will edit and upload some photos I took with the new camera when I get back to Singapore.

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  1. Nilzeitung says:

    Thanks to Thank you, what does it cost for you, at home in your home country, the camera Canon 53,

    1. Noodle says:

      This one is Canon R (not Canon 53) but Canon 53 is 84,800 yen on Amazon Japan.

      1. Nilzeitung says:

        vielen A new standard for creativity
        With its fast and wide lens bayonet, the Canon EOS R is an interchangeable lens camera compatible with the new era of RF lenses. These have been developed for the optimum distance to a full-frame sensor. This combination of high-quality optics and the groundbreaking new lens mount of the creative camera extend the limits of the possibilities with photo and video recordings. ,, prices very very, cheap (fun) from 1300 Euro! but that is small assessment. thank you very much for your reply and wish you nice sunny day yet, thank you and much success with your blog !!!dank das ist fast 650 Euro,

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