Umenohana / Tofu Restaurant


I went out and for lunch at “Umenohana” in Nishinomiya. They ask you to order a course that is more than certain amount – the amount was different between what their site says and what the staff told us in the restaurant, but we were told we had to spend more than 3,300 yen per person. So we took the seasonal course with homemade tofu. They accommodated my dietary problems, served me Yuba sashimi instead of fish sashimi, tofu gratin instead of Aqua pazza and plain white rice instead of clam rice.


I’ve been to other branches of this restaurant a few times before (this Nishinomiya branch is new) but I cannot remember when, although the last time was with my Mum, so it must be many years ago. We remembered that their service was very slow (probably intentionally), which is good when you are with your friends and want to chat a lot, but tiring if you are there with your family. I thought about asking them to serve us faster than usual but I wondered if that will cause some problem so I didn’t. However they served us at the right pace, not too slow, not too fast. We got there at 11.30 (but we waited for about 10 minutes as they didn’t have the reservation we made online in their records) and left around 1.00pm.


Aqua Pazza.


Gratin they gave me instead of the above.


Yuba sashimi they gave me instead of fish sashimi.


Homemade tofu, it was made in front of us.


Dengaku of namafu and tofu wrapped with Yuba.


Dessert. The one closest is sakura fu manjyu.


It was all nice but I particularly enjoyed the homemade tofu, namafu and fu manjyu.

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  1. I always admire the attention to detail in both the presentation and taste when it comes to Japanese cuisine. I really like the ceramics too, so I swapped out some of my usual/plain plates and bowls for weighty, traditional style pieces like the ones they had used at the restaurant in this post.

    1. Noodle says:

      Yes, I love Japanese ceramics and potteries. Most of these dishes/bowls are not so heavy, but I know many are quite heavy compared to many western style ones.

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