昨日は梅の花でランチをした後、芦屋の「METZGEREI KUSUDA」というドイツやイタリア、日本の生ソーセージやサラミなどのお店に色々買いに行きました。日本に帰って来ると居候させてもらうお礼の一環に、ほぼ必ずこのお店に行ってみんなの夕食に食べるあれこれを買いこみます。


Yesterday, after having lunch at “Umenohana “, we went to “METZGEREI KUSUDA”,in Ashiya, which mainly sells German raw sausages but also has Italian, Japanese and other sausages, cured ham, salami etc. almost every time I come back I go there with my family to treat them for an evening meal with what we get here as one of the ways to thank them. This time I bought 2 kinds of raw sausages, Parma Ham, some salami, liver paste, roast ham, a few salads. I also bought Mont d’Or and Gorgonzola Dolce some days ago so we put them together as dinner.

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