Meeting Friends In Tokyo (5) / Whisky Library

東京でのお友達との集まり第5回目は、「Whisky Library 」で、4人での集まり。ふと気がつくと周りはほとんど欧米人、という面白いところでした。食事も美味しく(1つ携帯で撮り忘れたもの、あり)、話も弾んで、解散はもうすぐ日付が変わる時間。とっても楽しかったです!唯一のネガティブなことは、沢山の人が葉巻を吸っていたこと。お店を出たら、自分たちの髪や服が臭い。


The 5th gathering with my friends in Tokyo was at ‘Whisky Library‘ with 3 mutual friends. We were surrounded with western people, it didn’t feel like Japan, very interesting. Good food and good company again and it was nearly midnight when we left the bar. The only negative thing is that we all stunk because so many people were smoking cigars. The bar was very dark so even my iPhone X plus didn’t take good photos. I’ll write more details with photos I took with my big camera from Singapore.

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