I’m Addicted to this Snack..


I wanted to have some further chat with my friends after the cooking class but there wasn’t any coffee shop that had 6 seats available so we had to give up that idea and say good-bye at the closest station. I arrived back to my family in Nishinomiya around dinner time and ended up having Udon with curry as it was smelling too good to refuse, even though I had told them I wouldn’t need any dinner.


My friends in Tokyo live busy lives, some of them work full or part time, so I wasn’t too hopeful to be able to see many of them, but I contacted them well in advance and luckily they were able to find time for me. Thanks to them I had such a good time during my 3 night stay.


This is one of my favourite snacks right now. I luv crispy and crunch things and also love nuts, these are so morerish.

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