Lunch At Bellini In Ashiya




I had lunch with a couple of friends from Kobe days. One friend was my teacher for Oshie (a Japanese craft), so we must have known each other for 30 years, and the other is my Patchwork teacher, and I guess we’ve known each other for 26 years or so. They are both older than me but still teaching.

We went to “Bellini”, which is one of the restaurants always mentioned as the most popular Italian restaurants in this area. As it’s along the Ashiya River we saw some cherry blossoms (past their most beautiful time) and also through the window near our table.

We all had the smaller lunch course.


Cherry blossoms along the Ashiya River.


The entrance of the restaurant.


The 2nd floor of the restaurant, where we had our table.


The view from the window.


Grissini. Similar to those in the restaurant, ‘Grissini’ in Hong Kong.


The starter. Parma Ham, A pâté de campagne and bruschetta with orange. My friend had some fish instead of the bruschetta.


I chose Amatriciana from a soup and a few different pasta dishes.


I chose Veal Cutlet for the main dish. I was expecting it to be thin but it was very thick. Veal I’ve had in Singapore was very gamy but this wasn’t, it was very tender and tasty. The side dishes, which were bamboo shoots, fruit tomato and Potato Dauphinoise, we’re all very tasty.


Dessert was Panna cotta or something similar. Quite a large portion but we all finished it.



We enjoyed everything. It was nice and quiet, which is great for catching up with friends, and the service staff were very nice, too. The only thing I felt was a shame was that they took away a plate as soon as one had been emptied, and also the way they brought the pasta dishes one by one with quite a few minutes in between each arriving. I understand we are in Japan and maybe that is the way Japanese do it, but I think it looks much more professional if they wait until everyone at a table finishes their dish and take all away at the same time and then bring the next course to everybody at the same time.

Other than that everything was great. We had tea or coffee with the dessert and the bill was 3,300 yen per person.

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