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I had lunch with a friend whom I met in Tokyo just about 10 days ago, which was a lovely surprise.  We didn’t know we’d meet so soon.  She brought her friend, who moved to Singapore about 6 months ago.

なのですが、急だったこともありどこに行けば良いのかなかなか思いつかず。。。美味しいものがお好きな方で(誰でもそうでしょうけれど)「洋食かカフェで美味しいところ」と言われたのですが、シンガポールで美味しいところ、なかなか思いつきません。好きなレストランはいくつかありますが、美味しいかと言われると困ってしまう。特に日本にお住いのお友達に「ここが美味しい」と言えるところはなかなかないのです。もちろん美味しいものがないわけではないのですが、いつ行っても美味しいところとなると。。。自分のブログで検索して、結局「Corner House」にしました。お高いけれど雰囲気も良いですし、盛り付けも綺麗ですし、安定して美味しいと思うので。。。

She asked me to choose a restaurant but it was such a sudden request, I felt lost, especially as I had just been away for long.  She wanted me to suggest “a delicious western food restaurant or a cafe”.  I’ve been to many cafes here and I like some of them but I cannot say their food is especially delicious.  It’s not that I haven’t had good food here but they are not consistent.  One day you think it’s great, then next time it’s not.  Anyway, in the end, I chose “Corner House”.  It’s expensive but the restaurant is nice, the service isn’t too bad, the presentation is pretty and food is quite consistent.


I forgot to take my camera with me so these were taken with my iPhone.


Amuse.  My friend and her friend had some tobiko (with a decoration of fish bone) but they gave me some sweet dumpling (a little strange as an amuse… but I’m the problem so I cannot complain) and we all had some jello-like thing with some sour liquid inside, I think it’s made with cucumber.






My starter was a few little tomatoes marinaded with something.  The green thing is basil sorbet.



These 2 little tomatoes had strange texture, I guess they’ve been compressed and dehydrated, but they flavoured them with something I dislike.  I don’t know what it was, it tasted a bit like some strange medicine or maybe the bitters that you use for cocktails?  I don’t know what, other than I didn’t enjoy the flavour.  The small thing behind them is a small square of bread with Iberico ham.



Others had Carpaccio of some fish.  Looks very pretty and apparently it was tasty.



I chose Iberico pork for the main.  One of the pieces was a little gamy but not enough to put me off completely.  Green leaves are, I think, wild garlic.  Crispy white asparagus was also very nice.



My friend had fish (cod).  She said it was very good.




Dessert was also very pretty but I didn’t like the sorbet, which was Kaya flavour.  I dislike Kaya, so I left that.  Other bits and pieces were nice – some peanutty caramelly things, some meringue and something crispy.




Petit Four was Ice Cream and mini Rosemary Madeline.




We shared 2 bottles of sparkling water and had coffee or tea each after the meal and it was S$110.  This is Singapore, it’s expensive, but at least the food is good.  There were a couple of things I didn’t like but that was just me, not their problem.  It was lovely to have seen my friend and I had a lovely afternoon.

丁度、わたしがタクシーに乗って家を出る頃、ぽつりぽつりと雨が降り始めました。シンガポールでは傘を持ち歩くのは常識なのですが(いつ大雨が来るかわかりません)、わたしはほとんどタクシー移動なので滅多に持って出ないのです。でも、Corner House は植物園のタクシースタンドから屋根のないところを数分歩くのです。なので、空を見てみましたが明るいし、まだ大丈夫かなと思いましたが、ぽつぽつが多くなっていきひやひや。わたしがレストランに着いてすぐに大雨になりました。まだ空は明るかったのですぐやむかと思っていましたが、結局食事が終わった時点でもすごい雨。幸い、レストランのバギーでタクシースタンドまで連れて行ってもらえて、タクシーもすぐにゲットできてほっとしました。最近は大雨でタクシーがとれないということがあまりなくなって、有難いです。

Just when I was leaving home in a taxi, I noticed just a few spots of rain.  I know you should always try to carry a folded umbrella in Singapore as some heavy rain can suddenly start but I almost always take a taxi so don’t usually bother with one.  The problem was that you need to walk where there was no roof in the Botanical Garden from the taxi stand to the restaurant just for a few minutes.  Fortunately, it wasn’t heavy yet when I got there but then the heavens opened.  The sky looked bright enough and we thought it wouldn’t last long, but it did.  When we finished our lunch in a couple of hours, it was still very heavy.  Fortunately, Corner House offers to take you to the taxi stand in their covered buggy, so we didn’t get drenched.  I was happy that we were able to get cabs easily, too.  Thankfully, these days, we don’t usually have problems with getting a cab even in heavy rain.




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