Omelette & Radicchio Salad


I made the  Onion Omelette and Radicchio Salad that my friend made for me as in my last blog.  My friend served them as a starter then pasta for the main but I served soup first then these two.



Soup was carrot soup with curry flavour, the one I’ve been making often recently because we always have carrots at home.  I add cumin, coriander, masala, coriander leaves after sautéing onion, then add sliced carrot, water to just cover everything and simmer it until carrot is very tender, then blitz it.  I used special salt I bought in Japan this time that has spices and nuts, it worked well.



The omelette didn’t work well, I think I added too much oil.  I also didn’t cook it enough and the shape was very strange like Korean savory pancake.  It tasted good, but looked awful – so I didn’t take a close up photo.  I must ask my friend how I can improve!


Radicchio salad was fine as all you do is mix everything.  However, my friend’s looked so much nicer, I think because she used a large (and beautiful) bowl, it makes a big difference.  Oh well, we learn something new every day.  It tasted good, though.  (I forgot to mention that there is some chicken in the salad, too.)



So I must improve the presentations of both the omelette and the salad, but both tasted good, so semi-success.

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  1. Hunida says:

    If you ask me, your presentation is beautiful! I can’t tell the difference between yours & your friends.

    1. Noodle says:

      Thank you, you are very kind!

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