Bibimbap – Yakiniku Heijoen At Wisma


Now, May has already started, 1/3 of the year has already gone.  In Japan, we have a new emperor and the “Reiwa” era has started.  When you live outside Japan, you very seldom use the Japaense era system but very occasionally I have to write down todays date and the year within the era on some document – I can never remember.  I guess I can remember this year ( as it’s 1!) and the following few years.  I hope the Reiwa era will be a peaceful one.


We needed to go to Ngee Ann City, so we went to “Yakiniku Heijyoen” in Japan Town in Wisma to have Bibimbap for lunch.  The lunch Bibimbap set comes with salad, soup, kimchee and bibimbap.  I think we used to mix the contents of the bibimbap bowl ourselves, but today the staff did that for us.  If you eat it directly from the hot stone bowl it’s really hot and takes a long time to eat, so we put some in a small bowl to let it cool a little once the bottom layer becomes crispy.  We enjoyed it.









The reason we needed to go to Ngee Ann City was that we wanted to buy a new hand mixer in Best Denki because the one we’ve been using broke.  In Japan they have so many choices for every equipment, but here we had only 3 choices.  Maybe not so surprising to other nationalities but to Japanese it is – though it doesn’t really surprise me any more as I’ve been out of Japan for so long.  There were other choices online but we wanted to hold them in our hands to see how heavy there were.  The one we’ve been using is very heavy and hard to use, so we wanted one that’s not so heavy.  Anyway, as I say, there weren’t many choices – but we got one.



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  1. Looks even higher quality than the Bibimbap I have here in Korea.

    1. Noodle says:

      Not sure about that but it is very good.

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