Hamburg In Rattatouille


Today’s dinner was Hamburg cooked in Rattatouille Type sauce.  I made quite a lot of meals extra so I can freeze for my husband’s dinners before I left for Japan, but he was away for a week so there are quite a few things left in the freezer that I want to use up.

ハンバーグは生のまま、ソースは余ったソースを作った状態で冷凍したのでお野菜がとろとろになってしまいました。ハンバーグも一緒に煮た状態で冷凍した方がよかったかも。まぁ、これはこれで美味しく食べられました。わたしはシナモンやオールスパイスをちょっと入れすぎてしまったと思っていますが、夫は気に入ったようで唸りながら食べていました(笑)。今日のハンバーグは、『本当においしく作れる洋食 (きちんと定番COOKING) の中の煮込みハンバーグのレシピを牛ミンチ多めで作っています。炒めたお野菜が大量に入るので、とても柔かく仕上がって美味しいです。むちっとしたハンバーグらしいものも好きですし、こういう柔らかい煮込みハンバーグも好きです。

I had frozen the hamburg steaks raw, but I also froze the left-over sauce that I cooked some hamburg in for another dinner because there was a lot of it left.  This meant that when I defrosted the sauce to use tonight the vegetables in it had become too soft, some becoming pulp.  Maybe I should have cooked hamburg in the sauce and frozen them together.  I thought I added too much cinnamon and allspice (it was too much for me, I must be more careful next time), but my husband didn’t think so and he was really enjoying it.  To make the hamburgs I follow a recipe in a book written by a professional chef, it uses a lot of vegetables, which makes the hamburg very soft.  I prefer a more traditional firm hamburg but also quite like these very soft ones.





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