Teppan Works (Teppanyaki & Okonomiyaki)

しばらくの間度々行っていた「大阪キッチン」ですが、前回(1月)行ったときにそれまで顔見知りだったスタッフが総替え(サービスの女性は同じ女性でしたが)になっていて、ちょっとした不快な接客事件があったので、以来行かなくなってしまいました。ときどき、ああいうカジュアルでカウンターでいただく食事をしたくなるのでとても残念に思っていたところ、お友達から「大阪キッチンで働いてらしたお2人がお店をオープンされてましたよ!。」と Teppan Works のことを教えてくださったので、今日の夕食に行ってきました。

We used to go to “Osaka Kitchen” often, but we had an unpleasant experience there last time (in January) with some staff.  Their staff changed completely (except the service lady, who was still there) and it just wasn’t the same any more.  Although we now and again wanted to go somewhere like that, we didn’t feel like going there.  Then the other day a friend of mine told me that 2 of their old staff had opened up a new teppanyaki & okonomiyaki restaurant called “Teppan Works”, so we went there tonight.


The restaurant is longer so the counter is also longer than Osaka kitchen.  The decor didn’t give the cozy “it’s like being in Japan” feel, but it’s more modern looking.


We made a portion of 5 items and shared, but they divided everything into 2 so it’s easy for us to have.


The first dish was 3 different vegetables, we chose Do Miau (green leafy vegetable), sweet potato with honey butter and green asparagus with tartar sauce (mayonnaise with Chinese pickles and Japanese pickles).  I thought the portion was too small, much smaller than at Osaka Kitchen and I would have liked a little more.



The 2nd dish was baked Camembert that my husband loves, it comes with honey.



Then diced steak.  They gave my husband a little bit of Uni also as a special service for the new Japanese era.  Beef had quite a lot of fat but it didn’t feel oily or greasy, it tasted sweet and very good.  They told us that it’s Ohmi beef Grade A5.



Green onion pancake (Negiyaki).  It was good but had more filling than I expected so I had to ask my husband to help me a little.



Sobameshi – rice and noodles stirfried.




We also had 3 small bottles of Kirin beer between us and the bill was S$200, which is probably about the same as what we used to spend in Osaka Kitchen – it’s hard to compare as we order different things every time.  We were both very full, but would have liked more vegetables.  Maybe we should have ordered another portion of vegetables instead of green onion pancake.  We had a nice meal, feeling comfortable as the 2 guys remember us from Osaka Kitchen.


Teppan Works
42 Tras St, Singapore 078981

Tel: 6909 9469




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