Chicken In Tomato & Olives


Today’s dinner was Chicken In Tomato & Olives.  It’s from a Japanese cookery book. All you do is to brown both sides of chicken thigh pieces and take them out, sautee finely chopped onion, celery & carrot, then put chicken back, add some tin tomato, minced olives, white wine and chicken stock and simmer it for about 20 minutes.  The most important element is the black olives, which add depth of flavour rather than olive flavour.  I cooked some of this and put it in the freezer for my husband to have while I was away but he didn’t need it, so I sort of had to use it.  I added some onion and carrot in the rice before cooking it.  The side dish is broccoli with garlic – sort of steam and stir-fried.  Chicken was a little over-cooked I think (I wonder if it gets softer in the freezer, I cooked it shorter than I would have so it doesn’t over-cook when warmed up) but it was good enough.

オリーブによって味がすっかり変わってしまいます。わたしは種が入ったままのドライタイプの黒いオリーブ(カラカラにドライではないのですが液体に遣っていないタイプ、ここでは今はWaitrose の瓶入りを買っています)の種を取ってみじん切りにして使います。たくさん入れすぎると塩辛くなりすぎるので、オリーブの塩分によって量は加減する必要があります。オリーブは塩辛くてあまり食べられませんが、ソースに入れると良い味を加えてくれます。チキンより、わたしはソースが好きなくらい(笑)。実は、ソースだけ残ってしまったので、明日のランチはご飯にそのソースをかけていただきます(笑)。

The end result will be different depending on what sort of olives you use. I use black olives with stones still in and cured dry (not very dry but not in liquid), here in Singapore I’ve been using Waitrose’s jar of black olives.  I chop  a lot of them finely.  I don’t particularly like olives because I find them in general too salty but they add great flavour in sauces.  I actually enjoy the sauce more than chicken in this dish.  There is some of the sauce left (but we’ve finished chicken) so I’ll have it on rice tomorrow for lunch!









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