Teppan Works Again


Yes, I know I was at “Teppan Works” only a couple of days ago with my friend, but like I wrote before deciding which restaurant to go to on a Friday is such a problem as I cannot think of many that I like, so I made a booking as I left them the other day to go back with my husband, who came back from his business trip this evening.


What we had today was Edamame (forgot to take a photo), Marinated egg with caviar (we didn’t order this, we were given it as a free extra because 2 of their staff were off and they were very busy and I guess we had to wait longer than usual although I don’t think we waited that long), Teppan Potato Salad, Square cut steak (Japanese Wagyu), Sobameshi, Warabimochi (my husband’s dessert), Soy Milk Pudding (my dessert, it was hardly solid, almost like curd, it didn’t come with any sauce so it was like eating tofu, I didn’t like this so much…).


We had 3 small bottles of Japanese beer and the total was S$170.

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