Mee Goreng


Yesterday and the day before yesterday, the dinners were on the heavy side, so I wanted to cook something lighter and decided to cook Mee Goreng. The last time when I made was in August last year, it’s been 10 months!


It has a lot of garlic and also quite a lot of vegetables – shallots, Choy Sum, carrot, cabbage, green onion & fresh red chilli. I’m using the recipe I learned at a cooking class in Hong Kong (but made a few changes). It looks like it takes only 5 minutes to cook but it actually takes quite a while as you need to deep-fry the shallot slowly.


Although the recipe is very simple, you are really meant to cook only one portion, but I cook for 2 (actually about 2.5 because 1 portion is on a small side) so I have made some mistakes like making the vegetables too soggy or not using enough sauce, that’s probably why I haven’t cooked it for a long time. Fortunately, I did a good job today! Yay! Such a little success makes me happy! You definitely need beer for this!

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