Beef In Red Wine


It’s my husband’s birthday today! We had a celebration dinner on Saturday, but I cooked Beef In Red Wine This evening as it’s one of his favourites. I made some adjustments to a recipe from a Japanese cookery book – cooked some very roughly chopped onion, carrot & celery with beef in red wine, water & tin tomato. When the beef was tender, I put all the vegetables (except some carrot) in a juicer to make a thick sauce.


I used to use shin of beef for a beef casserole like this but the butcher we usually use stopped having shin so I used beef cheek today. A while ago my husband also used beef cheek and I noticed then and also today that this cut is a little bit gamey for me, which is such a shame because the texture is great, it becomes so tender without being dry. Also it’s a bit too acidic for me, so I’ll use less tomato next time.

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