The last few days


We finished what we needed to do in the UK on Monday and I’m just spending some time with my friends that I used to stay with in Hong Kong on my way from Singapore to Japan. I also want to see my host mother that I had in Exeter when I was young, as well as the teacher of my first class there, so I’m staying on for about 10 days extra in England.


My friend took me out for some window shopping and we had a light lunch at the department store. This is Sausage and caramelised onion toasty I had there – it was quite good.


Pork chop marinaded in Chinese type marinade, stir-fried vegetables and toasted potatoes – very tasty.


Frittata with courgette, onion, mushroom and lots of cheese! Yummy.


Today, we had a little walk at a Marina. There are many places that are great to have a little walks in England. Lovely weather, not too hot, not too cold.


I’m going to Exeter tomorrow for 2 nights.

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