Savoy Grill (Gordon Ramsey)


After staying in London for 3 days, my husband flew back to Singapore (he arrived Sunday night and flew out to San Francisco on the following morning, poor him!) and I’m back with my friends near Chichester.


It was very windy, raining on and off but chilly on Tuesday but it got sunny again yesterday afternoon and is nice and sunny today, the temperature is about 23C, which is lovely.

ロンドンでは少しお買い物をしたくらいで、のんびりしました。ロンドン最後の日の夕食は、宿泊していたホテルのレストラン、Savoy Hotel (Gordon Ramsey)に行きました。

We didn’t do much in London other than a bit of shopping. We had our last dinner in London at our hotel, “Savoy Grill (Gordon Ramsey).


To start my husband had liver pâté and I had Waldof’s Salad. The base of the salad was shredded celeriac and it was topped with some thinly sliced apple and chicory.


For the main, my husband had Fillet steak and I had Ribeye. I ordered chips and my husband carrot as a side dish and we shared them between us. Chips were good but I didn’t like the carrots, I didn’t like the texture or the strong herb they used. Steak was very nice but too big, I had less than half, I just cannot eat so much meat. I wish they had an option of having less meat and more vegetables.


For dessert, I had Baked Alaska and my husband had Rum Baba, which came with a table-side performance of flambé.

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