Blue Kouzina (Greek Restaurant) In Dempsey

昨日のディナーは、デンプシーのギリシャ料理レストラン「Blue Kouzina」に行きました。オーダーは、フムス、ピタパン、アーティチョークのフライ(バルサミコクリームソース)、トウモロコシのスパイシーマヨ、ギリシャ風マカロニ、バクラバ。

We went to a Greek restaurant “Blue Kouzina” in Dempsey for dinner yesterday. We ordered Hummous, pita bread, fried artichoke with balsamic cream, sweet corn with spicy mayonnaise, Greek style macaroni and baklava.


Hummouse was standard. Artochoke was a little oily and had too much balsamic cream, which made it very sour. Sweet corn was good. I forgot to take a photo of the Green Macaroni but it was macaroni mixed with ragu, topped with white sauce and baked in the oven. The macaroni was totally overcooked so too soggy to enjoy, the ragu lacked flavour and it had much too much white sauce so very heavy, I guess we had about a half of it. We always order Moussaka so we wanted to try something else but we regretted we didn’t stick to Moussaka. Baklava is very sweet but I like it as it’s full of nuts. They gave us complimentary dessert for the 2 previous times but not this time, but gave us a glass of, I think, Limoncello.


I didn’t like their Green macaroni gratine but enjoyed the rest. This restaurant is very popular and always is lively, we like it there.

Blue Kouzina
Dempsey Hill
#01, 10 Dempsey Road, Blk 10, 21
247700 Singapore

Tel: +65 6875 0872

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