I had lunch with 2 friends. We went to “Populus”, which one of the friends has been wanting to try. I thought I’d been there once before but checking on my blog I’ve actually been there twice..


One friend had a grain bowl with roast chicken.


The other friend and I had fried chicken burgers. I thought it was more oily than I remembered (I had it last time) but it was good enough. I don’t like their fried potatoes, they are not cooked enough.


It seems very popular and there were a few groups of people, who were having a great time so we found it hard to hear our own voices and it was quite tiring to try to hear each other at one point. However, the nice thing is that they don’t kick you out because they are a cafe and they don’t close between lunch and dinner.

The Populus
146 Neil Road

Tel:6635 8420

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