Sausage & Lentils


Today’s dinner was Sausage & Lentils. Sausage is Toulouse sausage, it came as one long one (curled into a spiral) so I just cut it into a few pieces. Lentils are special ones from Umbria, a gift from a friend who lives there. They are similar to Puy lentils in texture although the colour is more brown, with lovely texture and a nutty flavour.


I sauteed onion and celery, then added the lentils and water and cooked it until they were soft enough but not mushy. I cooked the sausages in another frying pan by browning outside then adding red wine and water and slowly cooking it with a lid on. I served them with carrot and broccoli as I get tired of eating just sausage and lentils if there is nothing else. The 2nd photo is my husband’s plate, I had just 2 pieces of sausage.

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