もうすぐイギリスに引っ越すことになるので、1ヶ月半前にUK Visa の申請をしていました。UKビザを取得するのが大変なのは有名で、色々な方のブログを読むと1度目の申請ではもらえなかった方も多く、かといって何が理由かという説明もなく、申請に関する必要書類の説明も不親切で不安材料満載だったのです。もし再申請しなくてはいけなくなると費用も時間もかかるので、手元に届くまでとても心配でした。

As we are moving to England soon, I applied for UK Visa about a month and a half ago. It’s a well-known fact that it’s very hard to get a long term UK Visa, I’ve read many people writing in their blogs that their 1st applications were rejected and they don’t know the reasons. The explanation on what documents need submitting isn’t very clear and there are many factors that make it difficult to feel confident that you will get it.


But I received it this morning! Yay! We had to celebrate the occasion so we had sparkling wine (they didn’t have Champagne so Prosecco) at lunch at the cafe we often go to on Saturdays. I had a hot sandwich and my husband had “Impossbile Burger” – not quite suitable to have sparkling wine with but we enjoyed it anyway.


There are still so much to do, though.

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