Angelina – Tea With A Friend From Japan


A friend of mine is here with her husband and children for a short holiday but I was able to spend an hour with her while her husband was looking after their children. We met at Angelina in Marina Bay Sands, where they are staying. As it’s a Sunday I was a little worried the cafe might be full but there were a few tables available when I got there.


The Mont Blanc is their speciality so we had that with tea/coffee. There was a lot of whipped cream inside – a little too much for me – and it filled me up so I wasn’t able to finish it.


We first met in Hong Kong and used to get together often there with other friends. After she moved to KL and I started living in Singapore she came to stay with me a couple of times. I joined her to take some cooking classes in Ho Chi Min for a few days many years ago, too. We have shared a lot of time together, making cards, cooking etc. When I was in Tokyo last time I wasn’t able to see her, so I’m very happy that I was able to get together with her here. As she has a little baby now it’s probably not likely for her and her family to visit me in England, at least not for the next few years, but I hope I’ll have a chance to see her soon somewhere.

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