Olivia Restaurant & Lounge – Spanish


It’s already October, only 3 months are left this year, 3/4 has gone. The time seems to fly faster and faster.


I had lunch with 2 friends today. Someone one of them knows recommended “Olivia Restaurant & Lounge”, a Spanish restaurant.


Tomato bread, Bikini (toasted sandwich of ham, cheese & truffle), mushroom croquet, Spanish peppers, Burrata cheese & Tomato Salad. We thought we needed a little more so we ordered another tomato bread and also Iberico ham and truffle omelette, but somehow we started to feel more full quickly and ended up leaving a little bit of many of the dishes.


I find most of Spanish food in Singapore is very salty for me and you have to drink a lot of wine with it, but here we thought everything was seasoned just right amount. Personally, I didn’t enjoy the omelette very much but enjoyed everything else. It was about S$56 per person. (They opened the 2nd bottle of sparkling water without asking us. By some reason this seems to be the way in Singpaore, they open the 2nd and the 3rd bottle of water and charge for it without asking if we want it.)

Olivia Restaurant & Lounge
55 Keong Saik Road

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