Cassia (Capella Hotel) – Dim Sum With A Friend


I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen for a while, probably for the last time. We had dim sum at “Cassia” at Capella Hotel per her suggestion.


I think this restaurant serves some of the best dim sum in Singapore, but their menu changes quite a lot and sometimes I have problems with finding things I like. Today, most of the ones I could eat (no seafood except prawns) had mushrooms. It’s not that I dislike mushrooms but I just feel it’s not fair to have to have mushroom all the time when you cannot eat seafood. I don’t have problems like this in Hong Kong because they have so many different kinds of dim sum that don’t contain seafood (other than prawns as I can eat prawns) but here this often happens.


Amuse was something with chicken.


Beef Pastry. The topping is something like powdered dried beef, which I don’t like but I think is very popular in Singapore. So-so.


BBQ bun with truffle with a lot of gold powder. Pork was quite gamy.


Deep-fried spring rolls with prawns, chicken, mushroom & Yam.


Crystal dumpling with mushroom, carrot & other vegetables.


Stir-fried broccoli with garlic.


I forgot to take a photo but we also had stir-fried rice with olives, which was very good.


I had Mango Pudding for a dessert, my friend had Coconut Jelly. Both very good.


The Dim Sum was disappointing because most of them were made with mushrooms, but the stir-fried rice was very good and the mango pudding was also very good.


The card of the condominium I live in gives me 15% discount and it was S$46 per person after discount.


One thing we weren’t happy about was the service. It was very quiet and there were only a few other customers besides ourselves, but the staff didn’t seem to pay attention to us very much. Usually they pour tea before our tea cups are completely empty but we had to find a staff member and ask for it a few times today. They didn’t leave the tea pot on our table so we weren’t able to do it ourselves. The staff who served us was quite unfriendly, didn’t smile at all and had a very sloppy attitude. This is quite a high class hotel, so I was quite shocked with how bad the service was.

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