Pano Kato Grill, Pizza & Deli (A New Mediterranean Restaurant In Tanglin Mall)


We had a thunder – lightening, thunder, heavy rain – this evening. I think it’s been a while since we had this. This sort of weather seems the most Singapore-like to me but we haven’t had a lot of this in the 2nd half of this year, which is unusual.


Monday is a boliday so we are in the middle of a long weekend. Many of my friends seem to be away on holiday or back to Japan. Although it’s a long weekend, our packers are coming on Tuesday so we cannot relax and enjoy it. There are so many things we have to remember and I’m so worried we may forget something…

昨日書き忘れたのですが、昨日はいつものカフェではなく気分を変えてタングリンモールに最近オープン「Pano Kato Grill, Pizza & Deli」という地中海料理のレストランをオープンしたので、行ってみました。

I forgot to write this but we went to a new Mediterranean restaurant “Pano Kanto Grill, Pizza & Deli” in Tanglin Mall for lunch for a change from the cafe we often go to.


We shared a salad and a pizza. Although I like their salad dressing this salad had so little dressing and tomato was tasteless.


Pizza was a thin and crispy type, I wonder where this type of pizza is from. I love Napoli style, this one seems to be Milan style from what I saw online. It was pretty good, we enjoyed it. However, it is very thin and not much is on it (I like it light so that’s not a problem), so we probably should have ordered one each rather than sharing. I think it was tomato & basil pizza – not sure but it was the most simple one.


As their portions are small, I think it’s a place where you need to order one dish each. We liked the pizza.

Pano Kato Grill, Pizza & Deli
163, #02-23 Tanglin Road
Tanglin Mall, 247933

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