P.S.Cafe (Harding Road)


The last day of the long weekend was also spent for the preparation for the move and both my husband and I worked hard and are tired. I thought I would go through the dry foods after the packing up as we’ll have time but I realised that I need to move them out of the boxes and trays if we want the boxes and trays to be packed – so I did all that this afternoon.


So, tomorrow morning, packers will arrive. I find I get very bored once the actual packing by the movers start because there isn’t much to do and there is no comfortable place to be. I’m always surprised that many of my Japanese friends actually do the packing themselves as well while the movers are packing, but I don’t see why we should. We are paying for them to pack. We pack what are very important or what we don’t want the packers to touch but other than that we leave them to do that – that way if anything breaks it’ll be their responsibility. I think I was doing the last minute shopping when the packers were packing in Hong Kong.

今日も2人とも夕食を作る気分ではなかったので、外食しました。夜に行くのは初めてかもしれない、デンプシーの P.S.Cafe。10年前シンガポールに来た頃はまだまだ素敵なカフェが少なくて、香港からのお友達だった方にお気に入りのカフェの1つとしてご紹介いただいて以来、夫もわたしも好きなカフェです。今では素敵なカフェが驚くほど増えてここが他に比べて素敵なのかどうかわからないのですが、日本にはなさそうな緑に囲まれたカフェで開放感があり、外国っぽくて好きなカフェです。夜は空いているのかと思えば、随分賑やかでした。

Neither my husband nor I felt like cooking dinner today, so we went out. It’s probably the first time for us to go to P.S.Cafe in the evening. 10 years ago when we moved here, a friend from Hong Kong was living here and introduced me to this cafe as one of her favourite cafes. Those days there weren’t many nice cafe here. Now there are uncountable lovely cafes here, I don’t know if this place is still special but we love it here. It’s a sort of cafe that you don’t see in Japan, very open, surrounded by trees, look very non-Japanese. We didn’t expect it to be so busy in the evening but it was very busy.

夫は P.S.Burger、わたしはスパゲティー・ボロネーゼ。スパゲティーは茹で過ぎでしたが、味は美味しかったです。126ドルでした。

My husband had P.S.Burger and I had Spaghetti Bolgnese. The pasta was overcooked but tasted good.


We shared Sticky Date Pudding for a dessert. I love this dessert! I usually feel the sauce is too sweet but it seemed less sweet with a little bitterness today, I don’t know if it was really different or it felt that way to me because I was tired.


As always, they had huge flower arrangements.

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