Mustard (Indian In Little India)


We went to ‘Mustard’ for dinner today. This is also one of the restaurants we wanted to visit before we leave Singapore. A Japanese friend and her husband first introduced us to this place and we’ve been going there since whenever we felt like having Indian food. We took many of my friends there over the years, and have a lot of great memories.


We almost always order samosas.


Another dish we almost always order, roasted cauliflower. Quite spicy.


We also ordered Okura Curry and Butter Chicken. Also some rice and naan. We enjoyed it all.


We told them that we were leaving Singapore and this was our last time to be there so they gave us free beer and desserts! They kept pouring beer and we had to stop them! It was very kind of them.


We weren’t going to have any dessert but as they served them I did have just one bite, my husband didn’t have problem with finishing the rest. The staff always welcomed us with big smiles.

ディワリというインドのお祭りが最近あったので、まだその飾りが残っていました。An Indian festival, Diwali, was on the other day so they still had the lighting decorations up.

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