Steamboat And French Patisserie


今日はお友達お2人とランチをご一緒しました。ION の Imperial Treasures Steamboat で火鍋。火鍋は夫が行きたがらないので、お友達と行けて良かったです。後から写真を撮るつもりがおしゃべりに夢中になってすっかり忘れて、撮ったのはこれ1枚、全く絵にならない。


I had lunch with 2 friends at Imperial Treasures Steamboat in ION. It’s not a sort of a place my husband wants to go so I was happy I had a chance to go there with my friends. We had frozen tofu, silky tofu, bean curd skin, vegetables, pork etc, we enjoyed everything.

火鍋の後は、インスタで拝見して気になっていたケーキ屋さんにお付き合い頂きました。Lee’s Confectionery というジュロン・イーストにあるケーキ屋さんというのかカフェというのか。HDBの1階にありました。パティシエはパリで修行された方だそう。お茶やコーヒーもパティシエが淹れておられました。お一人で切り盛りされている様子。

After Steamboat we went to a cake shop / cafe in Jurong East, ‘Lee’s Confectionery’ – French patisserie. It was in the ground floor of an HDB. The patissier was trained and worked in Paris, he was serving tea and coffee as well as plating the cakes.


A friend had Lime Tart.

もうお1人のお友達とわたしは、バナナのケーキと栗のケーキをシェア。どちらもとても美味しかったです。栗のケーキは、「Kuri 」と名付けられていて、上新粉のお餅が使われているようで、和菓子っぽく面白いケーキでした。

The other friend and I shared 2 cakes, Banana cake and Kuri, both very tasty. Kuri, I think, had some mochi made with sticky rice powder or something, very interesting, almost like traditional Japanese sweets.


Drinks were also presented nicely. Kuri was very simply presented but the other two were presented like in a nice restaurant. It is very far from the Centre area of Singapore but I thought it was the highest quality cakes I’ve had in Singapore by far, I would probably go there now and again if I were living here.


It looks like you can order larger cakes from their site. I could not find the details but it seems you can have them delivered, too – but I cannot find out the delivery fee or what area they deliver to.


I’ll be seeing one of the friends once more but not the other friend, whom I was introduced to when she came to Singapore probably about 8 years ago. When I told her I was going to have an operation in the following week she came to me immediately leaving everything behind, I cannot express how much that meant to me. She was always considerate and thoughtful and I’m full of gratitude that I’d met her and hope our friendship will continue.

Lee’s Confectionery

343 Jurong East Street 31, #01-59, Singapore 600343
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm

Tel: 9183 8447

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