One Ninety At Four Seasons Hotel


I had lunch with a friend at One Ninety at Four Seasons, it’s been a long time since I was there last. All my friends kindly ask me where I’d like to go before we leave Singapore but I cannot think of where and this friend suggested to eat in a hotel and we chose this place. You can choose to have just starter buffet and dessert buffet or add a main dish, we decide to add a main dish today. I think this is quite a nice place for a buffet meal because tables are quite away from each other. It was almost empty when we got there but just 20 minutes or so later it looked very busy.


I didn’t take a lot of starters to keep room for the main.


Both of us chose Cho. It tasted quite Japanese, sweet and salty. It went well with rice that they served with it.


I had a few pieces of cheese, then some sweets that I got take a photo of. One of the dessert I got was some sort of mochi dumpling filled with dark sugar syrup. When I put a fork in, the filling shot right at me! It went all over my left arm, left sleeve, chest and left side of my hair. It was so sticky and horrible. I have a strange feeling that this happened before, it’s somehow familiar. I guess I never learn, I should have eaten it in one mouthful.


We then had tea, which is included. It was supposed to be just a lunch but my friend kindly insisted to pay so I don’t know the price, please refer to their website if interested.


We enjoyed chatting while we had a lovely lunch. We wondered how long we’d known each other. Maybe a year or so? Not long. She got into card making and had been making many. She promised me she would come to visit us and we’ll make cards together.

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