Finally Some Rain


My brother-in-law’s wife and their daughter are having an overnight stay at a spa near our new house so we had lunch in a pub nearby and also took them around our house.


They both had Fish finger sandwich and my husband and I shared Ploughman’s. I’ve had lunch here a few times but I personally feel Ploughman’s is the best.


After lunch, we went back to our house and took some measurements we needed, then my husband spent some time on the phone and online to sort out some problems like debit cards and credit cards – can you believe the bank sent our debit cards for our new account in England to our old Singapore address? How silly is that? We were going to see some furniture today but we run out of time.


It starts getting dark around 3.00pm and sun sets around 4.00pm here, it becomes pitch dark very early. There are areas where there aren’t a lot of street lights and we don’t want to drive in dark for a long distance.


This means we cannot do a lot in one day outside home. My husband has been on the phone so many hours trying to sort out things like banking but things don’t go very smoothly or quickly here as I explained. So we have to take it easy and try not to get stressed.


It had been very cloudy and it finally started to rain when we stopped to do some food shopping on our way back to the cottage. It looks like there will be a lot of rain in the next 2 weeks or so. This is England and winter so we knew we’ll get a lot of rain.

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