Thai Dinner In Lyndhurst

昨日のディナーは、タイ料理のレストラン(The Thai Forrest)に行ってみました。写真はありませんが、良い雰囲気でした。



We tried a Thai restaurant (The Thai Forest) in Lyndhurst. I have no photos but the interior was quite nice.

We had Vegetable Deep Fried Spring Rolls, Minced Chicken Salad and Pork Stir-fried With Holy Basil. The chicken salad was a little fishy, I think they use more fish sauce than lime juice, but it was overall quite good. Both the chicken salad and pork were very spicy, though, and the portions were on the large side so I think we had a little less than a half.

We had 2 bottles of beer and the total bill was £40 (there was enough food for 4 people if we added rice) – probably less than a half of what it would have been in Singapore.

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