House Renovation


It’s been raining on and off yesterday and today, a typical winter in England.


Yesterday, we had to go to a bank, which is about an hour and a half‘s drive from where we are staying and the bank was near our friends (who is letting us rent their cottage), so we first stopped at their house. They kindly cooked us lunch so we enjoyed it while we had a little catch up, then we went to the bank and the day was gone. We bought marinaded pork chop, chips, carrots and Brussels sprouts, cooked the pork, roasted the vegetables and warmed up the chips for dinner. It was all brown and didn’t look great so I didn’t take a photo but it was enjoyable.


Today, we had an appointment with an interior designer at our new home in the morning so we drove there and met her and talked what we wanted for about an hour and a half. Although I’d like to get some advice on furnishings, that isn’t the main reason why we’d like to have someone like her. There are so many things we’d like to have done and some of them are more than just painting – like removing some walls, major renovation of a bathroom and renovating a double garage to a Craft Room / Study. We’d like everything done in the shortest time possible but it’s a big job to coordinate with everyone and this has been stressing me out. I feel better now that she will be taking care of everything coordinating with a contractor.


After that, we had a meeting with the kitchen guy. We had our first meeting soon after we arrived in England and today was to see his quote and also to discuss more in details after seeing his proposal/suggestions. The actual work will not start for a while but I’m finally getting more excited than worried.


When we finished the meeting it was 1.30 so we had a late lunch at a pub near Chichester.


My husband had Beef Bourgignon and I had vegetarian Chilli, both just so so.

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