Italian In Lyndhurst (Prezzo)

今日は、Lyndhurst の街でディナー。前菜にピッツァ・バイトをシェアして、メインは夫はラザニア、わたしはミートボールスパゲッティのベイク。デザートはなぜかスティッキー・トフィー・プディングをシェア。ピッツァ・バイトの生地がむっちりとして、とても美味しかったです。スパゲッティのミートボールベイクはソースにお砂糖が入りすぎていて、最初の数口は良かったですがだんだんくどく感じ、結構残しました。


Dinner at an Italian in Lyndhurst. Pizza bites to share, then my husband had Lasagna and I had Spaghetti bake. Then we shared Sticky Toffee Pudding. Pizza bites were very nice, but the spaghetti meatball bake had too much sugar and was too sweet, it seemed OK at first but felt too sweet after a few mouthfuls. The decor was very nice and as the Pizza bites were very tasty I think next time we’ll try their pizza.

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