The Sun Came Out!


It’s been cloudy or raining for the last few days but it was a beautiful morning with a blue sky today. It got a bit cloudy in the afternoon but I hear it’ll be a sunny day again tomorrow.


One of our friends sent us an email saying ‘ I’m thinking of you because it’s the first sunny day in a while, you must be wishing you were back to Bali or Singapore.’ It is so nice that we have these friends who think of us!


Just yesterday, after quite a few rainy days, I said to my husband ‘ you know, I don’t miss Singapore at all even in this miserable weather!’ and my husband replied’Me, neither!’ We may change the tone of our voice sometime later but so far we are happier in this weather than the hot and sweaty weather that we had for the past 10 years!


Anyway, in such a lovely morning we drove to our house to check the mail because our bank stupidly sent the cash cards for the new UK account – that we had opened in advance so we can have an access here – to Singapore. The mail with a PIN number was forwarded from Singapore quite a few days ago but not the card itself. So very inconvenient!


Here is the blue sky I took from our garden.


So we drove for about an hour to get to our house to check the mails, then had lunch in a pub nearby. My husband ordered Goat Cheese Tart Board and I ordered Chicken And Chorizo Pie. The chicken was too strong (and dry), my husband swapped with me. The tart and the salad was OK. The boiled vegetables were quite bad.


Although you sure can get delicious meals if you research well and drive an extra few miles or so in England, if you want to go somewhere near where you are the chances are sadly that you’re not likely to have a good meal, from my experience.

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