Opera Tavern (Italian Tapas)

今日の夕食は、夫がネット検索して見つけてくれた「Opera Tavern」というイタリアン・タパスのお店に行ってみました。飲みながら小皿料理を摘む日本のバーっぽい感じ。ホテルから歩いてすぐのところにありました。

For today’s dinner we went to “Opera Tavern”, which my husband found online and is near our hotel. They call their food “Italian Tapas”. It reminded me of Japanese bars, where you drink wine or some other alcohol with a few small dishes.


They didn’t have the listed Flat Bread but served us toasted sourdough instead. Unfortunately my photo was too blurry to upload.


We had deep fried zucchini flowers stuffed with goat cheese, Grilled Gem lettuce, and Scotch egg with spicy Italian sausage meat. We couldn’t find any sweet dessert that we wanted so we had cheese – Gorgonzola Dolce.


It was all quite strongly seasoned and also I didn’t have a lot of appetite so these were enough. We had a carafe of red wine and a bottle of sparkling water and the total bill was £75.


The reason why I didn’t have a lot of appetite is because I started having this sharp pain every 20 seconds or so, like a sting with a needle, behind my right ear so I’m taking pain killers often. They start working about 2 hours after I take them but the pain comes back after a few hours, so I’m taking pain killers 3 times a day. The pain is quite strong, so that and the pain killers are making me feel not so well. It usually goes away after a few days so I’m praying it’ll go away soon.

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