Nopi (Catch Up Lunch With Friends)


We had lunch with friends couple, who moved from Singapore to Majorca some years ago – it was for the first time to see them since they left Singapore. They come to stay in London a few times a year and happened to be staying here from today, which was a good timing. We went to Nopi.


We were told that they recommended 3 dishes per person, but ended up ordering 9 in total plus 2 dessert dishes and I think it was about right. I guess younger people need more but it was about the right amount for us. (I forgot to take a photo of the pilau rice, the green thing behind the chicken is that.). 3 of them had Bloody Mary first and 2 of them had a bottle of red wine, 1 had a double macchiato and the total bill was £260. I guess it’s on the expensive side as it’s a well known restaurant but it probably would have been double if it were in Singapore. The food was all good and we had a great time catching up with each other. They are staying in London for about a month so we can probably see them again before they go back to Majorca.

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