Costa Rican Black Bean Soup

今日は、久々にお家ごはん。外食が続くと何でも良いから家で食べたくなります。お借りしているコテージはキッチングッズも比較的揃っているので、夫と一緒にコスタリカ風ブラックビーンズスープを作りました。元々は Jamie Oliver のレシピですが、足したり引いたり適当に作っています。

We had dinner at home today. After eating out so many times in recent days we don’t feel like going out very much, even a simple thing at home seems more attractive. The cottage has a nice kitchen with enough kitchen goods so my husband and I decided to make Costa Rican Black Bean Soup together. It is originally Jamie Oliver’s recipe but we omit this and that and add various bits; no topping of salsa either this time.


Today we used garlic, onion, celery, carrot, red and yellow pepper, black beans, coriander stems and leaves, and cumin powder. It was very good. I usually make a salad as well but not today. In this cold climate, salad isn’t something we crave.

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