Another Very Busy Day


We were busy again today, the day passed so quickly. I got up early (well, not that early I know but it is for me), we drove to the kitchen place we are using for the renovation and discussed a few things first thing in the morning . It was a beautiful but very cold frosty morning.


We then dropped off at our friend’s house nearby to do a bit of catching up, then it was time to go to our house as the people from a department store were coming with our new TV to install it – it took them about 2 hours. After that was done it was already 2.00pm so we had a late lunch. I like many English beers, specially the fruity or a little bit sweet ones. Ploughman’s was also good – we shared one.


My husband is very happy now that he has his car and his TV. What I wanted was the one that can become a mirror but he wanted this art one. They say they look like art in a frame but it looks like a TV to me. Still if it makes my husband so happy.


After lunch we went to a farm shop ‘Charlie’s’. Visiting this sort of shop was something I was looking forward to doing here in the UK. We bought a few things like ham, chorizo, and pâté to have for a light supper today.


Also we went to a bakery where an Italian baker makes artisan Italian bread, but it was only open for wholesale. However the notice on the door said that the nearby village shop sells their bread so we went there.


When we started heading home it was sunset time and with the misty hills it was so beautiful!! I would have liked to stop and take photos but we couldn’t, so sadly the photos don’t really show how beautiful it was.


Dinner was just tart, ham etc that we bought in the farm shop with the ciabatta we bought from the village shop.

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  1. cnw says:

    I love the photographs with the pink skies. So beautiful.

    1. Noodle says:

      Thank you. I just wish I were able to capture the beautify better.

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