It was another very cold and misty morning, and we didn’t see much sun all day. It looks like it’s gone very cold in Japan, too, but looking at the forecast it’ll get warmer again soon.



We didn’t come to England at this time of year very often in the past 30 years (or maybe even never), so I hadn’t realized how cold it is here. I knew that the lowest temperature it gets to is more or less the same as where I’m from in Japan in winter, but the winter starts much earlier here. It’s usually still quite warm in Japan in November but it was winter cold already 3 weeks ago here.

I do remember, though, that when I lived with an English family to learn English for a while when I was young, I felt I couldn’t wait for the spring for the first time in my life after a long and wet winter because although it’s just as cold where I’m from it is often very sunny and I used to say I liked winter.

When I lived in England as a student in winter, I used to wake up around 4.00am feeling so cold, my English family didn’t have central heating so it got very cold. I kept asking my English Mum to add another blanket and another blanket and one day she told me laughingly that it was my 7th blanket (with a thin duvet on top), she won’t be able to add any more because it was too heavy to make the bed. I was still cold!




The above is some explanation of the central heating systems in England for my Japanese readers, as some Japanese friends have asked me about this before.

今日は、午前中はソファーのお店でデザイナーさんとソファーやチェアーを見たり他の相談を済ませて、近くの「The Swan」というパブでランチをしました。お友達ご推薦。夫は、ハルミチーズのバーガー、わたしはまたまた、ソーセージ。ここのソーセージはとても美味しかったですし、マッシュポテトも美味しかったです。グレービーが塩辛かったので避けていただきました。3つは多過ぎたので、1つはオットが食べてくれました。

Anyway, this morning we first met our designer in a sofa shop to look at sofas, chairs and discuss a few other things. Then we had lunch at a nearby pub “ The Swan”. Our friend had recommended the place and it was a nice pub. My husband had Haloumi cheese burger and I had sausages and mash (yes, again, I know!). The sausages were very nice, proper sausages. Mash was also very good (but too much). The gravy was very salty so I tried to avoid it as much as I could. 3 sausages was too much so my husband helped me with one of them.


We then went back to the village shop where we’d bought artisan ciabatta bread yesterday, because they told us the bread we wanted comes in on Thursdays and we were very near there.


We then went to Chichester to buy 2 sets of everything we need for the 2 single beds in our new guest’s room. Our shipped boxes from Singapore will be delivered tomorrow but we didn’t include our own bed in the shipment as it was quite old and we were going to order a new one here (but not delivered yet). So we will be sleeping in the guest’s room until our new bed arrives.



We got back to the cottage around 4.30pm, had tea, did some searching and shopping online for bits and pieces, and soon it was time for supper. We just had the bread we bought today and leftovers from yesterday.

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