Christmas Tree & Christmas Decorations 2019


I didn’t think we would be buying a Christmas tree this year as we moved very close to Christmas and I didn’t want to have decorations when the house isn’t tidied up, but as the living room and the dining room are tidy enough we went and bought a tree in a garden centre nearby yesterday afternoon. You pick the one you want and a staff will put it through a machine to cover it with a plastic net.


I’m not sure if there are garden centres as such in Japan. Here in England there are all sort of sizes of them, but the one we went to is very large and had all sorts of things like household things, Christmas decorations etc, as well as garden furniture and flowers & trees.


After bringing the tree home in the car, we fixed it in a stand that we bought at the same time and put it up in the living room yesterday – but waited until today to decorate it. The condominium where we lived in Singapore had a high ceiling and a large living and dining room so we used to buy a tall tree, so tall that my tall husband had to use ladders to decorate the higher part of the tree. Here the ceiling is lower and the room not very large so we bought a smaller one – about my height.


We decorated it with silver, white and blue/teal ornaments this year.


We also decorated the room with other Christmas ornaments. I will probably move things around but this is what it’s like now. I didn’t take photos but I also decorated the entrance and the cloakroom with a few Christmas decorations.


As Christmas comes quite soon after our moving in I had thought we would not be able to decorate the house and be too busy to feel Christmassy, but as everywhere around is decorated, although often simply, and with the cold weather as well we are surprisingly feeling quite Christmassy.

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