Christmas Wreath 2019


Since I learned how to make a fresh Christmas wreath in a flower class in Hong Kong I have been making one at Christmas time ever since. In Singapore I learned another way to make fresh wreaths, also in a flower class, and made them in the class in the last few years, as well as making an extra one with a friend last year.


However here I don’t know where to get the materials, and I haven’t found the tools either, so I decided to order one or buy one in a shop. Even before we left Singapore I started searching for them online, but I couldn’t find one I liked until about a week ago. I finally found one that I like – simple and chic. We received it on Thursday. I ordered the one with 2 white fake pumpkins but they were not attached to the wreath, they were just sitting on it and I have no tools to attach them – so we hung it without the pumpkins.


This one is using an oasis, so I’m a little worried that as they dry the stems could get thinner and they may come off.

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