Lots Of Shopping


I got too sleepy in the middle of writing this blog, I had to give up finishing it.


Yesterday, we were planning to decorate the tree in the morning before our friends stopped by but the very long strand of tree lights we had was much too long for the small tree that we bought this year and my husband had to go to the garden centre again to buy a shorter one. While he was out I tried to untangle the long one that got so tangled up. When he got home and he put the new lights on and we started putting some decorations on, our friends came.


We couldn’t find my husband’s tool box that we needed to hang up the Christmas wreath so we asked our friends for help and they kindly stopped by on their way to lunch. The husband of my friend is very good at his sort of thing so he quickly put a hook in the door and our wreath went up.


We then had a little catching up and before we knew it an hour had gone and they had to go to their lunch. We went back to decorating the tree with Christmas songs in the background. It didn’t take long this year as the tree is a lot smaller.

そして気がつくと1時すぎ。昨日の夕食は家で作ることに決めていたので車で近くのデパートやスーパーなど集まっているところに食料品などの買い物に出て、Marks & Spencer’s のカフェでサクッとランチ。ソーセージとキャラメライズした玉ねぎのトースティー。熱々で美味しかったです。

When we finished decorating the tree it was already a little before 1.30 so we decided to go to Marks & Spencer’s cafe for a quick lunch near our house as we had to do food shopping for the dinner that we were planning to cook. I had a toastie of sausage and caramelised onion. It was hot and tasty.


As we have almost no store cupboard stuff we have to buy sugar, spices and everything else every time when we cook at the moment so food shopping takes time. There are also a lot of household stuff we need to buy as we got rid of anything that looked old to start anew, so every time when we go shopping it takes a long time. Yesterday we bought a couple of hand towels for the downstairs cloakroom. We have plenty of towels but they probably won’t come out until after the renovation. We also bought a toaster.


When we got back it was just about 4.00pm so we used the new toaster to toast crumpets and had it with tea. We did some tidying up and then it was already time to cook our first dinner at our new home.

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