Our First Dinner In Our New Home


Yesterday, we cooked in our new home for the first time. We decided to cook Pancake Cannelloni that my husband likes cooking and he’s been cooking it for many years. Since the time we decided to retire earlier this year my husband has said so many times how he was looking forward to ‘cooking together’, so we cooked together in our kitchen yesterday for the first time. Yesterday, my husband was the chef and I was the sous chef.


Although almost all the rooms are smaller, the kitchen is the bigger than any other places we lived in and that’s why we liked this house. When we were house hunting, the first priority for us was a nice large island in a kitchen dining room. This house has a dining room and a kitchen separately but we are planning to get rid of the door between them and take some of one of the wall out so we can have something like an L-shaped room although they will still feel a little separate. We’ll also make the island larger, the current one isn’t a bad size but we want it to be larger. Anyway, we found it nice to have a large work top when we cook, the kitchen in Singapore was small and didn’t have much work top. At the moment, the kitchen is looking quite untidy, which bothers me a lot, because we don’t have enough storage until the renovation is done, but once it’s done it’ll be lovely to cook here.


We made Ragu, pancake, white sauce, then wrapped ragu in pancake, lined them up in a baking dish, poured white sauce and put it in the oven until it browned nicely.

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