More Shopping & Lunch


お茶をする予定の場所に行ったところ、店内満席。ということで場所を変更してお友達のお家に伺ってお茶をご馳走になり、そのまま近くのパブでランチをご一緒することに。な「The Lamb」というパブに行きました。このパブの壁(いえ、壁ではなくて屋根ですね)にもツリーがつけてありました。

We had another busy day. We were going to have lunch with a couple of friends that we met in Hong Kong but something came up and they couldn’t make it so we put it off and hopefully we’ll see them before New Year. After that was decided, we needed to see our friends who live near us and we decided to have tea/coffee where we would be doing shopping around 11.00am, so we left home a little after 9.00am, did the shopping (food as well as household stuff, we still seem to find things we need to buy every day). However, when we got there it was full so our friend invited us to their home for tea/coffee, then we went to a nearby pub “The Lamb” for lunch. They also had a Christmas tree on a wall (or on the roof, rather).


Our friends had different sandwiches.


My husband had scampi.


I had Chilli Con Carne, which was good.


After chatting for a while, we parted after 2.00pm saying “Merry Christmas!”. We’ve been seeing them often, a few times a week, but now that Christmas is near they will be busy and we won’t be seeing them until after Christmas or New Year. Most people who have grown up children are busy as their children and grandchildren would come and stay with them.

ランチの後は、またお買い物。家から近いところにあるファームショップ「Charlie’s」で気に入っているイタリア人の方が焼いているパンやお肉などを買って、その後また Pallant of Arundel でチーズやチョコレートなど買って、家に着いたのは4時ごろ。

After lunch, we needed to do more shopping. We went to Charlies’s Farm Shop to buy the bread baked by an Italian baker and some beef, then we also went to “Pallant of Arundel” to buy cheese, chocolates etc. By the time we got back home it was 4.00pm.

Charlie’s Farm Shop
Southview Farm
Pulborough RH20 1NP

Pallant of Arundel
17 High Street
Arundel BN18 9AD

Tel: 01903 882288


After putting all the shopping away, we had tea, then I did some unboxing of our clothes, bags, etc. There is nowhere to put them so we bought some plastic boxes to put them in so we don’t need to see the cardboard boxes any longer. There is just 1 more box to go through in the future dressing room but that’s probably the last one we can unbox. There are literally hundreds of boxes of craft stuff, books and dining stuff still unopened, but we won’t be able to put that stuff anywhere until the renovation is done.

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