Our Favourite Light Meal

昨日はランチタイムにしっかり食べたので、夕食は軽く、ファームショップとArundel のグルメ食材店で買ったチーズ(ブライトン・ブルーというブルーチーズ、マイルドなタイプのブルーチーズです)、フェネル入りのサラミ(スーパーで買ったものに比べて断然美味しい)、生ハム、フィグボール、トマトなどチャバタを軽くトーストしたものと頂きました。わたしも夫もこういう食事が大好きです。ここにサラダがあれば完璧ですが、昨日はあれこれ用事をしていたので割愛。

As we had a large lunch we had a light meal in the evening. Cheese (Brighton Blue), salami with fennel seeds, Parma Ham, Baked Fig Ball, tomato with lightly toasted ciabatta bread. Both my husband and I love this sort of meal, it would have been perfect if we’d had a salad but we were so busy yesterday, we didn’t make it.


Baked Fig Balls are from Calabria, in southern Italy, and are traditionally preserved figs. The figs are picked from the tree when they are well matured, dried and slowly cooked in their own juices. Shaped into balls, wrapped in green fig leaves and slow baked. It’s not as sweet as I thought but has very rich dried fruit flavour like Christmas pudding.


What is behind the fig balls is the Ciabatta bread we have been buying. They are baked after 24 hours of proving by an Italian lady baker. I find it a bit dry as it is, but it’s very nice when toasted.

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