We had a big lunch so decided to have a light meal in the evening. It’s been many many years since we had hard tacos, we used to have them for lunch on Sundays now and again in Japan, but we changed to soft one as the hard shells break as you bite into them, and are quite hard to eat and you cannot put much filling in. However, I wanted to have crunchy ones this time, so we bought a kit.

タコスにしたのは、実は、何日も前に買ったアボカドを消費しなければということだったのですが、いざ開けてみると2つとも全然熟れていなくてだめでした。スーパーで「熟れてます」と売られていたのを数日じゃがいもと一緒に熟れさせたのに(涙)。シンガポールでも美味しいアボカドを手に入れるのに苦労しましたが、最後に2年ほどは「Little Farms」で大きくて美味しいアボカドが手に入ることがわかって食べられるようになりました。イギリスでは、どこに美味しいアボカドが売られているのかな?これまでまだ2度しか買っていませんが、小さくて味も薄くて、熟れていてもあまり美味しくありません。

The main reason why we decided to have tacos was we thought we should use the avocados we bought quite a few days ago, but sadly both of them were too hard when I opened them. They were sold as “ripe now” in a supermarket, and we let them get ripened with potatoes for a few days, but they were still far from ripe. We had many years of failure of getting good avocados in Singapore but a couple of years ago a friend told me you can get large tasty ones in “Little Farms” and they really were good. I guess somewhere in England we can get good avocados, but so far those we’ve bought have been very small with not much flavour even when they are ripe. We have to have an avocado hunt until we find good ones.


Anyway, we had tacos tonight. What we stuffed them with is mince beef stir-fried the lightly cooked with water and a spice mix (that came in the kit) lettuce, tomato, onion, fresh coriander and taco sauce (also came in the kit). We followed the recipe on the kit box but it wasn’t spicy enough at all. We used only about a half of what we cooked (which was itself a half of the kit). We put the left-overs in the freezer with a note to add spices next time.

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