Another Present



We checked out of our hotel, stopped off to see my host mother (that I lived with when I was in England to learn English all those years ago) to see her and the teacher I had when I first came here to learn English (and who is now our friend) and spent an hour with them before we left the Exeter area. We stopped at a cafe for a quick lunch and a rest in the middle of our drive back and got home around 4.30pm.

When we got home the house was as very cold as it hadn’t had any central heating on. It’s very unpleasant to come back to a freezing cold house. When we have our renovation done we’ll be able to control the heating with our mobile phone, so this won’t happen. It’s been raining a lot lately and hasn’t been so cold so it should warm up quickly.


When we checked out of our hotel, we were given another present. A cute little hamper with 2 kinds of cheese and a jar of chutney and a box of cheese biscuits.


During our Christmas break we had nothing that we had to do, all the meals were tasty, the service was good, and we had a lovely relaxing few days.

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