Happy New Year – And An English Way Of Celebrating It


Happy New Year to everyone!  Hope your 2020 will be filled with lots of happy times.

さて、わたしたちは昨日、夫の弟宅でニューイヤーイブの美味しいディナーをご馳走になり(後ほどアップします)、泊めてもらって、今朝、夫の兄とパートナーと会うために車で2時間ほどのところにある、Studland というビーチまで出かけました。義兄の家と義弟の家のだいたい真ん中くらいになります。知りませんでしたが、イギリスではお正月にビーチを歩きに出かける人が多いそうです。真冬のビーチ。しかも、今日は雨。もの好きな。。。その上、義兄とパートナーは、ひどい風邪をひいていました。義兄のパートナーは傘をさしていましたが、兄はささず。大勢歩いている中、傘さしていたのはわたし、義兄のパートナーを入れて数人のみ。防水加工のパーカーのようなものを着ているだけなので当然顔はびしゃびしゃです。ひどい風邪であんな中、傘もささずに歩いて大丈夫なのか。尤も、わたしは傘をさしていても髪の毛びしゃびしゃになりましたけど。わたしが持っている防水加工したコートは真冬に着るには寒いのです。(ちなみに、イギリスというと傘を持って歩く紳士を思い浮かべる人が多いようですが、基本的にイギリス人はあまり傘をさしません。)

We were treated to a lovely New Year’s Eve dinner at my husband’s brother’s place (I’ll blog it later), stayed there overnight, and this morning drove to a beach called “Studland”, which is about 2 hours from my brother-in-law’s house, to see my husband’s elder brother and his partner – it’s about a half way between their respective homes.  Apparently, many English people celebrate New Year’s Day by walking on the beach – in the middle of winter, even when it’s raining.  Who knew?  My husband’s elder brother and his partner had a very bad cold, too.  His partner was using an umbrella but he wasn’t, I don’t know how much good it would do to his cold!  Actually, English people don’t use umbrellas very often contrary to what Japanese think (they still have this silly image of English gentleman carrying a long black umbrella).  Other than myself, my husband’s elder brother’s partner and a few other people, nobody was using umberellas, they were just wearing waterproof hoodies.  I understand it’s better that way when you walk where the ground is very unstable or when it’s very windy but on the beach… everyone was soaked on their faces.  Having said that, my hair was soaked, too, so maybe the umbrella didn’t do that good.  I don’t have a warm enough waterproof coat so I really didn’t have any choice, I was lucky we happened to have an umbrella in the car.







We were going to have a picnic on the beach so we had some food with us but it was too wet for that so we went in a cafe on the beach and I had a sandwich, which wasn’t great.


English people love “fresh air”.  Whether it’s freezing cold or raining hard, it doesn’t matter, they are very hardy.  I remember a friend of mine called it “Fresh Air Syndrome”.  I haven’t caught it yet.  It really isn’t my idea of fun.  Fortunately, although it was wet it wasn’t as cold as it could have been.

途中で、こんな廃墟が見えました。「Corfe Castle」というそうです。

On our way there, we saw this ruin – Corfe Castle.  Looks very atmospheric.







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